Who am I? I’m Dawid W. Mika. I live in Poland and I make music and sound for video games and other media. Before that I played with a few local bands (progressive metal, electropop, post-rock), spent long years recording music at home, played dozens of video games, thought guitar and studied philosophy at the university. For more details visit my LinkedIn.

What do I do? I record sound from the real world or generate it on the computer in order to manipulate it, produce and arrange in the way that makes it music or sound design. Later, I’m trying to get my hands on implementation as deeply as possible – I have an experience with FMOD Studio, Wwise, Unreal Engine 4, Unity 3d. You can hear my work in video games made by Low Poly Wolf, Digital Melody, Noktorats, videos from Krzysztof Gonciarz, The Uwaga Pies and many others. You can check it in Credits.

How do I work? I record and process almost everything by myself. With the ability to play instruments such as electric and acoustic guitars, bass, synths, piano and drums I can ignore the existence of virtual instruments for most of the time. You can learn more from my Twitter.

dawid w. mika field recording