Ludum Dare 34

I love game jams, I really do and Ludum Dare seems to be the king of them all. For some strange reason, it’s the second one I took part in. Somehow it’s easier for me to pack my backpack and go to “physical” jam that requires me to meet everyone in person (vide Global Game Jam or Slavic Game Jam). It’s more… adventurous, I can just sit and watch all of these people working on something that gives them lots of joy¬†though it may look like a pure pain on the first sight. You can simply hit a bunch of guys writing their colorful code in visual studio and ask them whether or not they need some audio for their game. In most cases they will be over the moon just because you asked. Another time you deliver something half-baked because you were busy with eating/sleeping/working on 7 other games/staring at the wall or giant Gandalf bouncing his head with awesome as sax guy’s music in the background.

However, during the last Ludum Dare I worked with Piotr Gieroba on funny little GAME called Press to Jam: Set Sail for Fail and it was a lot’s of fun.