release of D.S.A.

The game by Steven Barrett that I provided with two tracks for final boss battles has been released. Lot’s of surreal advantures and secrets in stylish lo-fi graphics.

I tried to catch the crazy mood of the game with very simple means, contrary to the rest of the soundtrack prepared by Steven Barrett himself.

All guitars were recorded through Laney Cube 12R cranked up by Visual Sound Route 606 overdrive pedal and miced by a classical Shure sm57 that went directly into preamp of SPL Crimson which gave nice organic vibe to the tracks. Occasionally I used Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy delay pedal with way too much feedback for some weird stuff. There’s also Arturia MiniBrute on synth side, my belowed half-Peavey jazz bass with fender pickups and some natural cymbals in a few places.

You can get the whole game here:

… and listen to/download my part of the soundtrack here: