Spaghetti Hunter for Angry John

Angry John just got a new track for it’s OST. It’s gonna appear as a loop for the game’s hub.

Together with the rest of Low Poly Wolf we wanted to enrich colorful rampage with some serious revenge flavour. Loneliness, big guns, long journey and things like that were strongly connected to classical spaghetti westerns in my brain since I was a kid so I decided to take it as a main inspiration. Moreover, for most of the time, the player will visit alien worlds so there was no escape from classical sci-fi sounds and slow arpeggios played by detuned synths. Here you can check the result:

All guitars were amplified Laney Cub12 and later recorded through Shure sm57>Warm Audio TB12>SPL Crimson into Reaper. Synth sounds were made by NI Massive and Izotope Iris 2 playing custom patches made by myself. Some cymbals were also live-recorded through Rode NT4 stereo mic.

dawid w. mika angry john cymbals